Welcoming freaks and weirdos all weekend at Caravanserai!

  • Caravanserai

Caravanserai is a unique jewel in Bestival’s crown. An arcadia of vintage caravans, waltzers, objets d’art and alchemy, it’s a cocktail-fuelled hedonists’ paradise, filled with brain-warping delights, raucous gypsy-bathed madness, pop-up circus performance and fat brass-powered beats.

Caravanserai curator, festival legend and recent MBE recipient, Chris Tofu said: “Caravanserai is the most avant garden in the whole field. A place where true festival vibes are unleashed and you’re the act as much as any actors. With over 431 separate pieces of art, many people arrive and literally never leave. More brass than anywhere else in the UK and more balls than a juggling convention. This is literally a paradise for festi-vibe lovers. Massive respect to our own Picasso Pete Bateman.”

You will never find a more wonky-headed hive of fun and filigree than Caravanserai, so throw caution to the wind and find yourself at home with the off-beat vibes of The Ska Vengers, the near-eastern sounds of The Turbans and blue-country-funk from My Baby. Enjoy weird folk afternoons with the foot stomping joys of Pronghorn, the indescribable Bert Miller & the Animal Folk, Welsh troubadour Men Diamler, and Joanna Leila. Delight in horn-powered daily brass offs with The New York Brass Band, Op Sa!, Dat Brass, and The Oompah Band. And skank your heart out at the Sunday Skaravanserai with Mad Apple Circus, The Simmertones and DJ 2-Tone.

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Bringers of the bizarre and the brilliant, Cirque Bijou are back in Caravanserai to blow you away. By day they invite you to take a seat at the Circus Café, and select the dishes that tickle your fancy from the circus menu cooked up by acrobatics, jugglers, and jokers. As the night draws in, Cirque Bijou will break out the sequins and feathers to present magnificent displays of aerial artistry, swinging trapezes, high wire walking, fire performers, cabaret and circus.

There will also be esoterica and freakery from Cut A Shine, Bramble FM, DJ Penny Metal Polka Special, Thrill Collins, The Bomo Swing, Samuel Wolf and the Junk Star Kids, Fandjango, Faith I Branko, Holy Moly & The Crackers, The After Hours Quintet, DJ Chris Tofu and Global Local. And while you’re there be sure to enjoy the curious comforts of Caravanserai’s cafés, Waltzer seating, cocktails, hootch bar and so much more.