Satisfy your Body & Soul in Slow Motion

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Wellbeing and mindfulness are a part of everyday life and a little bit of personal care during a long weekend of maximum good times is always the right idea. That’s why Bestival has made our holistic haven, Slow Motion, an integral part of the action. From healing treatments, and spiritual pursuits to physical exercise and touch of stylish indulgence, looking after yourself at the most colourful show on Earth has never been so much fun! So, book a treatment, free your mind and let Bestival help you satisfy your body and soul.

“We all know how important it is to put a bit back in when we’re burning the candle at both ends in the festi fields so Slow Motion is everything you need to bring it down a notch. Look after yourself while you’re partying and make room for a bit of you time to get your energy levels back up again. Expect to see me hanging upside down in an Aerial Yoga class, with crystal-aligned chakras and a wonky fruit juice at the ready! I always make time for a massage to take me back to planet zen while I’m there too…” Slow Motion curator Gemma Thorogood

Enter into our kingdom of calm and soothe the bodily aches and pains of full-on festival fun; :book a massage and indulge in one of our Slow Motion Therapies with Amphora Aromatics – a proper spa massage experience to relax and recuperate. Find your spiritual balance with morning tantra yoga, warm up for the day’s delights with the Lycra 80s Jane Fonda Party and enjoy block moksha beats with Hip-Hop Yoga at the Witness the Fitness tent. Or transcend it all and take a different view with Aerial Yoga.

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If running’s your thing, ensure you keep on track with your fitness regime and explore the outer realms of the glorious Lulworth Estate with one of our Nature Runs. Or if the fast lane to revitalisation is more your speed, give yourself a boost with an IV recovery drip or vitamin infusion from the Energy Doctors.

With the spiritual and physical covered, Slow Motion also offers you the chance to turn your attentions to the chic and the sleek. You can give yourself a glittering glow with a visit to The Pampervan and sharpen up your look with one of our Free Haircuts.

Heading a little bit deeper, beyond style and into more mysterious places, you can divine your future with a Palm Reading and have your Astrological chart read. Experience the energy of crystals or discover the intoxicating properties of chocolate with a cacao ceremony in the Cosmic Corner with Cosmic Pineapple or feel a different vibration with a third eye-opening Gong Bath.

And once you’re re-centred and rebalanced Slow Motion can even treat your belly with some deliciously Healthy Food & Drink at the Rejuce bar where all drinks are made from wonky and ugly produce.

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