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Everyone loves a world record. From extremes of nature and the pinnacle of human achievements to some fantastically stupid things people do, we’re all fascinated by how far boundaries can be pushed. Realising just how compelling being the tallest, the smallest, the fattest, the thinnest or if you’re in it to win it is, twins Norris and Ross McWhirter set up the Guinness Book of Records in 1954 for then-Guinness MD Sir Hugh Beaver. Since then, renamed as simply Guinness World Records, it has been the go to almanac of accomplishments and recognised international authority for verifying world records.

It’s fair to say the Bestival crew is a little bit obsessed with world records. It all started when we had the biggest fancy dress party ever and then before you could say “most sugar puffs in an armpit”, we were attempting all sorts of strange and unusual things from the most people in one pair of underpants (record achieved thanks very much) to the largest group of buskers playing together (the jury is out on this one).

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One indisputable verified Guinness Record that we totally smashed was for the World’s Largest Disco Ball, which stands three storeys high, glittering with enough mirrors to stretch along 10 football pitches. A lovely man called Mark McKinley, who everyone knows from Officially Amazing, came to Bestival and confirmed we broke the record, so we had a massive party where some of us attempted a Sambuca record but that didn’t go as well… Since then we’ve got the World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle and have plenty of plans afoot. But we’re not the only ones who love having a go at being world record breakers. Here are seven more amazing real world records pushing the envelope of absurdity.

A total of 542 people dressed as the Dark Knight in Calgary in 2014 to become the largest gathering of people dressed as Batman.

The World’s heaviest onion was Tony Glover’s allium cepa, which weighed an eyewatering 18 pounds, 11 ounces or almost a stone and half.

A bloodhound called Tigger was the dog with the longest ears. His longest ear, the right one, measured a mind-boggling 34.9cm or 13.75 inches. The left was a mere 34.2cm.

The fastest man to “run” 100m on all fours is Kenichi Ito who most recently did it in 15.71 seconds. He has beaten the record on five separate occasions.

Charlotte Guttenberg is the world’s most tattooed female senior citizen with 98.75% of her body inked. Her partner Chuck Helmke is the most tattooed male senior citizen but is a slacker by comparison with just a 93.75% covering.

Elaine Davidson is the lady with the most piercings in the world. Since getting her first one in 1997 she has had 4225 piercings, mostly in her face.

And finally, our old mate, the mighty Norman Cook holds the Guinness World Record for most Top 40 hit singles under different names, from Fatboy Slim and Freak Power to Beats International and Pizza Man.

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