• $hit Disco - the number two soundsystem at Bestival!

    • Wonkydisco2

    This is no bog standard dance. Prepare to get your booty shaking in quite a different way as we unleash $hit Disco! Keeping you occupied while the loos are occupied, Sanitation Point 9 – that’s the toilets down by the Big Top to all normal people – will host our number two soundsystem getting a little bit funky and dropping bombs while you’re dropping… well, you get the picture…

    • Shit_disco_-_b18-03

    Rob da Bank says: “Back in the heady days of Manumission in Ibiza, the biggest gig you could get as a DJ on the island was playing in the toilets there… Yup, it’s true, they put a DJ booth in the bogs and I finally got a gig there after having witnessed Fatboy Slim playing to 50 toilet queuers the week before. Our mate Pete from Pompey has now revived toilet DJing with $hit Disco and we can’t wait to unveil his awesome stage next to Sanitation Point 9 near the Big Top. It’s gonna be totally $hit!”

    Run by the legendary Pete Callard, a man with a strong constitution, there will be all kinds of outhouse action to keep toilet time entertaining. So, if you’re caught short down by the Big Top you’ll be privy to sounds that’ll drive you potty. Don’t miss the chance to have a wee boogie. $hit Disco, you know it’s gonna be excrement.

  • Rob da Bank takes over Bestival's Spotify!

    • Bestival_saturday-297_2

    Yes, our head honcho Rob da Bank has taken over our Spotify for a very special Bestival 2018 playlist!

    “so in a rare moment of peace and quiet (jammed in tight on a train with my headphones on) i knocked up a little playlist repping some of my fave acts off the Besti line up…from newcomers Biig Piig and Mall Grab and of course our exclusive Thursday headliner Jorja Smith to old timers Jimmy Cliff and Chaka Demus and Pliers its a kinda patchwork quilt of sounds from folk to indie to full-on electronic wizardry… turn up the sunshine and dive on in!”

    Listen below…

  • New for Bestival: Rob & Josie's Gin Festival

    • Gin_fest_wide

    As the world reawakens to the amazing possibilities of gin, Bestival is at the forefront of the revolution with a brand new gin experience – Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival. A must-do destination in our multi-ringed circus of love, more than 50 gins, from the craft-distilled to the globally acclaimed, await your pleasure in the heart of the summer, this August on the Lulworth Estate.

    Forget everything you think you know about the UK’s favourite drink and take a step into Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival where you’ll discover an incredible array of flavour and styles. Showcasing a real spirit of adventure, from the smack of citrus and fruity tangs to spicy kicks and herbaceous tones, the hand-selected gin collection has it all, from classics such as London Dry, Old Tom and Bathtub to some truly eye-opening New Western styles.

    • Gin_fest-02

    An exhibition of botanical brilliance, whether you fancy a stiff G&T or a cocktail is more your thing, with more than 50 different gins on offer you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. And with a series of masterclasses from renowned experts throughout the weekend you’ll be able to impress your friends with your new-found knowledge of a what is fast becoming the world’s most popular drink.

    Adding even more Bestival spirit to proceedings, Rob & Josie have teamed up with lauded Bristolian micro-distillery, Psychopomp, to create R&J’s Gin. Craft-distilled especially for the gin festival, R&J’s Gin is inspired by travel, using botanicals Rob & Josie have encountered around the world, including a crack of black pepper from Jaipur in India, the fragrance of Italian Amalfi lemons and Ibizan herbs.

    A model festival with a modern spirit, located in the heart of Bestival’s dining quarter, be sure to mix it up at Rob & Josie’s Gin Festival.

    • Gin_fest-01
  • Ambientland Unearthed

    • 10_bestival_friday-43

    Cloaked among the canopy of mystical trees, Ambientland is a breath-taking glade filled with unanticipated enchantment and giddy wonders. Ripe with all manner of arts and amusements waiting to be uncovered, take a trek through *Bestival*’s leafy dreamworld and discover a wellspring of off-the-wall entertainment and electrifying joys this August on the Lulworth Estate.

    Celebrate art and escapism with Aespia School of Art among the greenery and relish a salmagundi of skills and creativity. Don’t just try your hand, try Feet Painting to Live Percussion, set your sights on Blindfolded Sculpture & Storytelling, compose Musical Murals, turn out for Dapper Décor, and get stuck into Bonding & Body Painting. Awaken your inner artist in our Crafty Corner and cast on with Katie Jones Knit and forge ahead into handicraft with Lizzie King’s T-shirt Art.

    • Ambientland_stevie_update-03

    Fancy a relaxing drink, then why not recharge your imagination and delight your palate with something refreshing from The Frozen Mole? An earthy parlour par excellence, Ambientland’s abundant foliage is the inspiration for an array of concoctions, brews and infusions that form an inviting menu of delicious Botanical Cocktails & Herbal Teas.

    And once you’ve satisfied your artistic streak and taken pleasure from a drink, head to our cosmic micro-venue, The Magic Teapot, and luxuriate in stories, conversation and a lovely cup of tea, gather round and bask in the flames of the Campfire Club lit with love by The Nest Collective, enjoy glow in the dark glee at our Blacklight Party, and dive into the fun of a Human Ball Pit.

    Guaranteeing your woodland treats are exquisitely soundtracked by bucolic beats and botanical bass, Ambientland’s Ambient Sounds will be supplied by sonic sorcerers including Mixmaster Morris, Jane Fitz, Chris Coco, DF Tram, Flying White Dots, Birdsong DJs, Cooking With Sherry and Flying Mojito Bros.

    • 69_bestival_saturday-386
  • Jorja Smith - Lost & Found

    • Jorja-smith-lost-and-found

    Just in the last year, Jorja Smith has blessed Drake and Kendrick Lamar tracks with sweet melodies, swept the competition aside to win the BBC Critics’ Choice Award, and adorned a ton of magazine covers in what has been a meteoric rise to fame. Her debut album Lost & Found, released this week, is about to blow all that out of the water, taking her to the next level, leaving us all in no doubt that she is the UK’s best R&B chanteuse.

    From the off-the-cuff opening of the title track and languorous progressions of Teenage Fantasy, right through to album closer, Don’t Watch Me Cry, the album drinks deep from the cup of jazz-soaked R&B but never falls into anodyne ambience, instead keeping things lively chucking in flashes of gospel, glitch and trip-hop to shoulder the intimate lyrical tales that are the essence of Jorja’s style. Massive highlights include Wandering Romance, politically charged freestyle Lifeboats, and her debut Dizzee sampling trailblazer, Bluelights.

    If you haven’t already, fire it up and get stuck in. And don’t miss the chance to see Jorja playing a UK exclusive headline festival set in the Big Top on the opening night of this year’s Bestival, as she makes the leap to bona fide superstar!

  • 15 reasons to head to Bestival's 15th Birthday

    • 1_-_fields_of_wonder

    1. There’s nothing but eye-popping colour in rolling fields of wonder

    • Dsp___press

    2. It’s the ONLY place you’ll see headline sets from Silk City, London Grammar and Jorja Smith this summer

    • 3_-_experience_all_the_music_

    3. Experience all the music - rocking-raving-drum’n’bassing-folky-smokysoulfulvocal-grimey-rapping-rhyming-goodtimes

    • 4_-_redefine_escapism

    4. Redefine escapism and wander through an immersive landscape of awe-inspiring installations and visionary sensations

    • 5_-_find_the_hidden_gems

    5. Find the hidden gems - mysterious venues in hidden corners and the best kept secrets

    • 6-_the_biggest_disco_ball_ever

    6. A mind-blowing Temple, ramshackle Caravanserai, the biggest disco ball ever and non-stop eye candy, there’s no faking our epic instagrammability

    • 7_-_shocking_circus_freakery

    7. Witness the shocking circus freakery and astonishing stunts of Lords of Lightning, flaming hire wire walkers, human cannonballs, daring trapeze artists and so much more

    • Bouncy_castle

    8. Feel the holiday vibes and live your best life - enjoy a new four-day adventure with friends

    • 9_-_outrageous_circus_style_

    9. Outrageous circus style and glamourous invention, we’re dressing up to get down, in our multi-ringed circus of love

    • Sinkthepink_georgeharrison-7

    10. Wholesome craft workshops, fierce cabaret and imaginatively strutting your junk - immerse yourself in the thrilling landscape of arts in action

    • 11_-_boutique_festival_innovators

    11. From pitch your tent and party to flagrantly flamboyant luxury accommodation, we are the Boutique festival innovators

    • 12_-_practice_mindfulness

    12. Practice mindfulness and take the chance to live, laugh, love and experience a true sense of wellbeing

    • 13_-_eat_like_a_king

    13. Eat like a king with a choice of lip-smacking grub that’s greater than ever before.

    • Temple_fireworks_and_canon-sam_neill-

    14. Since 2004 we’ve been at the forefront of in-the-fields innovation and perfect partying

    • Birthday

    15. It’s our 15th birthday – don’t miss the celebrations

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