Jorja Smith - Lost & Found

  • Jorja-smith-lost-and-found

Just in the last year, Jorja Smith has blessed Drake and Kendrick Lamar tracks with sweet melodies, swept the competition aside to win the BBC Critics’ Choice Award, and adorned a ton of magazine covers in what has been a meteoric rise to fame. Her debut album Lost & Found, released this week, is about to blow all that out of the water, taking her to the next level, leaving us all in no doubt that she is the UK’s best R&B chanteuse.

From the off-the-cuff opening of the title track and languorous progressions of Teenage Fantasy, right through to album closer, Don’t Watch Me Cry, the album drinks deep from the cup of jazz-soaked R&B but never falls into anodyne ambience, instead keeping things lively chucking in flashes of gospel, glitch and trip-hop to shoulder the intimate lyrical tales that are the essence of Jorja’s style. Massive highlights include Wandering Romance, politically charged freestyle Lifeboats, and her debut Dizzee sampling trailblazer, Bluelights.

If you haven’t already, fire it up and get stuck in. And don’t miss the chance to see Jorja playing a UK exclusive headline festival set in the Big Top on the opening night of this year’s Bestival, as she makes the leap to bona fide superstar!

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