Festivals stop sucking!

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Bestival are pleased to announce that as Earth Day 2018 approaches this Sunday 22nd April, all 65 members of the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) have now pledged to ban single-use plastic straws from their events in 2018 with a commitment to remove all single-use plastics by 2021.

Following their trial run in 2017 when Bestival replaced 80,000 plastic straws with paper versions or in most cases removed entirely, January this year saw promoters Josie & Rob da Bank extend the initiative, launching the Final Straw campaign to include sister events Camp Bestival and Common People, while urging fellow AIF festivals to stop sucking and follow suit.

As the eradication of plastic waste has become an important topic of national debate, fellow promoters have been swift to act and join the cause. The Bestival team estimates it will reduce its own plastic waste across its events portfolio this year by 100kg, which is equivalent to the weight of two average North Pacific Giant Octopuses, and believe the Final Straw initiative could see as many as 1.4 million plastic straws removed from circulation this summer; that’s enough straws to stretch out from London to Southampton and back when laid end to end.

As part of the AIF’s wider Drastic on Plastic campaign, this Sunday, 22nd April the Bestival website, along with other member sites, will be ‘wrapped in plastic’ for 24 hours to highlight the extent and impact of our plastic use. Following Earth Day, the Bestival team will continue to campaign for change and advocate the removal of single-use plastic straws at events across the country.

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