Energy Revolution and Bestival

  • Alvingtoncourt

We’re working with UK charity Energy Revolution to tackle the environmental impacts from audience travel – these are typically the biggest contributor to a festival’s carbon footprint, making up to 80% for the average event!

Thanks to all of the people who balanced their Bestival journey in 2017. Together we balanced 12,420 kg CO2 – the equivalent of 40,228 fossil-fuel travel miles! The balancing donations went to powering a community owned wind turbine in the Forest of Dean, installing solar PV systems to feed renewable power to the grid, and helping to install biomass-heating systems in charity-owned outdoor pursuit centres in Scotland.

Thank you to everyone who has already balanced their travel to Bestival for 2018 – if you missed the chance when you bought your ticket you can use Energy Revolution’s travel calculator to work out the fossil-fuel travel emissions from your journey and balance them with a small donation – 100% of which will be invested in projects that create clean renewable energy!

The total for Bestival’s contributions since 2015 are:

Total kg CO2e = 28,860
Equivalent total average car miles = 93,478

Energy Revolution works with over 30 of the UK’s favourite festivals, as well as artists and event suppliers. Since 2015 they have balanced over 5 million travel miles. Find out more at

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