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Have you ever been lost in the pure joy of self-expression through movement and transcendental unison with sound and light? Communing through dance goes back to the beginnings of human civilisation and remains a fundamental part of our existence through club culture. A man who exemplifies the immaculate essence of dance as a form of expression is Bradley Gunn Raver. A dancefloor phenomenon who became a viral sensation, Bradley’s carefree abandon when throwing shapes has brought him worldwide fame and a ticket to the hottest parties around. So, naturally he’s heading to Bestival and we had a little chat to get the low down and why he loves getting down.

What makes you want to dance?

I find dancing to be a way of expressing my energy and personality. I find dancing to be a way of breaking free from constraints of modern society.

You’re one of the few people to have become a viral sensation for brilliantly positive reasons. How does that feel?

It feels great knowing that I have a positive effect on people. There is nothing better than doing something you love and having the ability to inspire people alongside that.

You’ve previously said your most steps dancing in a day was the equivalent of 42 miles. Have you bettered that, or are you slowing down a bit now?

Yes, that was in August 2015. I haven’t bettered that to my knowledge, mainly because I don’t keep an eye on the step counter that much anymore. It is a great achievement however, I don’t feel like I need to beat it, I rave for the enjoyment over beating personal records.

You’ve travelled the world dancing. Where was your favourite rave?

My favourite event in the UK is Junction 2, because of its setting under the M4 motorway, and overseas I would say my favourites are Awakenings festival in Amsterdam, BPM festival in Portugal and Ultra in Miami.

Are there any particular DJs you’ve travelled the most to see since you’ve been raving?

I don’t really go to events in aim to see a particular DJ, I tend to go to events that excite me the most in which the line-up is a contributing factor to the decision however I also choose to go to events based on other factors including the location, the concept the event is trying to create and if it is a day or night event, etc.

Who are you most looking forward to dancing to at Bestival?

Whilst there are some good names on the line-up I don’t tend to focus too much on set times and who I will be dancing to. I like to go with a free schedule that is not bound to set times, I go at my own flow and if I like what I’m dancing to, I can then find out who the DJ is if I feel like I need to find out.

We know you’re going to be dancing a lot, but do you have any plans to check anything else out at Bestival, like the World’s Biggest Bouncy Castle or the human cannonball?

Not really, I’m quite happy just dancing.

Can we interest you in some calming yoga in our Slow Motion area, or would you rather stay on the dancefloor?

I’d rather just dance.

Apart from dancing what else makes you happy?

Of course, the music that I dance to also makes me happy, however I don’t really have a wide spectrum of interests, I usually just stick to a few things that I like doing. The other side of me in the week is that I write software, I find programming to be calming and also allows me to express my creativity and logical thinking.

Have you got any tips for budding ravers?

I would say just enjoy being you and express yourself in the way that makes you happy.

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