Ambientland Unearthed

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Cloaked among the canopy of mystical trees, Ambientland is a breath-taking glade filled with unanticipated enchantment and giddy wonders. Ripe with all manner of arts and amusements waiting to be uncovered, take a trek through *Bestival*’s leafy dreamworld and discover a wellspring of off-the-wall entertainment and electrifying joys this August on the Lulworth Estate.

Celebrate art and escapism with Aespia School of Art among the greenery and relish a salmagundi of skills and creativity. Don’t just try your hand, try Feet Painting to Live Percussion, set your sights on Blindfolded Sculpture & Storytelling, compose Musical Murals, turn out for Dapper Décor, and get stuck into Bonding & Body Painting. Awaken your inner artist in our Crafty Corner and cast on with Katie Jones Knit and forge ahead into handicraft with Lizzie King’s T-shirt Art.

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Fancy a relaxing drink, then why not recharge your imagination and delight your palate with something refreshing from The Frozen Mole? An earthy parlour par excellence, Ambientland’s abundant foliage is the inspiration for an array of concoctions, brews and infusions that form an inviting menu of delicious Botanical Cocktails & Herbal Teas.

And once you’ve satisfied your artistic streak and taken pleasure from a drink, head to our cosmic micro-venue, The Magic Teapot, and luxuriate in stories, conversation and a lovely cup of tea, gather round and bask in the flames of the Campfire Club lit with love by The Nest Collective, enjoy glow in the dark glee at our Blacklight Party, and dive into the fun of a Human Ball Pit.

Guaranteeing your woodland treats are exquisitely soundtracked by bucolic beats and botanical bass, Ambientland’s Ambient Sounds will be supplied by sonic sorcerers including Mixmaster Morris, Jane Fitz, Chris Coco, DF Tram, Flying White Dots, Birdsong DJs, Cooking With Sherry and Flying Mojito Bros.

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