$hit Disco - the number two soundsystem at Bestival!

  • Wonkydisco2

This is no bog standard dance. Prepare to get your booty shaking in quite a different way as we unleash $hit Disco! Keeping you occupied while the loos are occupied, Sanitation Point 9 – that’s the toilets down by the Big Top to all normal people – will host our number two soundsystem getting a little bit funky and dropping bombs while you’re dropping… well, you get the picture…

  • Shit_disco_-_b18-03

Rob da Bank says: “Back in the heady days of Manumission in Ibiza, the biggest gig you could get as a DJ on the island was playing in the toilets there… Yup, it’s true, they put a DJ booth in the bogs and I finally got a gig there after having witnessed Fatboy Slim playing to 50 toilet queuers the week before. Our mate Pete from Pompey has now revived toilet DJing with $hit Disco and we can’t wait to unveil his awesome stage next to Sanitation Point 9 near the Big Top. It’s gonna be totally $hit!”

Run by the legendary Pete Callard, a man with a strong constitution, there will be all kinds of outhouse action to keep toilet time entertaining. So, if you’re caught short down by the Big Top you’ll be privy to sounds that’ll drive you potty. Don’t miss the chance to have a wee boogie. $hit Disco, you know it’s gonna be excrement.

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