Sunday Best presents Bestival 8–11th September 2016
  • The Spaceport line-up revealed

    • Benjib

    The legendary Port remains missing, its whereabouts unknown but Bestival’s brand new, revolutionary monolith of sound, The Spaceport, is shaping up to be the greatest dance stage ever! Throbbing to an intergalactic soundscape of epic proportions, our seven storey symbol of the future will transmit Bestival’s unique vision of our dancefloor destiny as we unveil the crack squad of space cadets, who will be joining previously announced Spaceport headliners Diplo, Carl Cox, and Fatboy Slim, to blast us into the unknown this coming September on the Isle of Wight.

    Bestival rave-master Rob da Bank says: “Prepare for lift off my futuristic friends, this is going to be the stage of the summer of UK festivals. A dream team of Josie da Bank, our mate Paul Normandale, who’s Bjork and Coldplay’s lighting designer, super set designers Spatial and a host of madcap inventors are building an incredible imaginary Spaceport for you to rave at and take off into The Future. In that rocket will be no less than rave veterans Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Diplo, DJ Yoda and Candi Staton propped up by newbies like DJ Barely Legal and Mele and Monki… The Future is almost here”.

    • B16-spaceport-announce

    Following an out of this world opening ceremony, we’ll be heading into orbit as we ramp up the rave action with a cavalcade of advanced selectors including Benji B, Destructo, Barely Legal, DJ Yoda, Dub Pistols Soundsystem, Eats Everything, James Zabiela, Kenton Slash Demon, Klose One and Mella Dee.

    And hitting the decks to take us beyond the solar system of sound will be Mount Kimbie, Mumbai Science, Norman Jay MBE, NRG Flash: Monki & Mele, Oneman going back to back with My Nu Leng, Purple Rave Prince Tribute from Heidi, Rob da Bank & Tayo, Riton, Sink The Pink presents No Limits with Candi Staton & Livin’ Joy, Skream and The Heatwave.

    The epicentre of the inevitable and the future of the dance, The Spaceport is where the party’s at. Don’t miss it.

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  • Red Bull TV Comes to Bestival!

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    Bestival are delighted to announce that Red Bull TV will broadcast live from Robin Hill this coming 8-11 September as part of their Season of Festivals that also includes transmissions from Primavera Sound, Bonnaroo, Roskilde Festival, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits. Giving festival lovers the chance to experience all the action and artists on any device, homebased Bestival fans will experience on-stage performances streamed in high quality, as well as a wealth of behind-the-scenes gossip and showbiz stories across a number of different channels.

    In keeping with our long tradition of broadcasting innovation that has seen Bestival become the first UK festival to stream worldwide on YouTube and one of the first festivals to broadcast in 3D, Red Bull TV will join our Future-themed cast of musical pioneers, forward thinking funksters and precognitive pop stars, broadcasting on three different channels taking in the Main Stage and Big Top, as well as exciting coverage from The Spaceport and Invaders of the Future. Capturing the very essence of Bestival for audiences at home in addition to incredible music offerings Red Bull TV will explore the best of Bestival’s off stage antics, including our kaleidoscopic Carnival Day Parade and much more, giving viewers a glimpse of one of the world’s most eye-opening festivals.

    • Big_top_2015

    Keep an eye out for the full line-up for Red Bull TV’s broadcasts from Bestival, which will be announced in early September.

    Bestival at Red Bull TV can be accessed at, via the free Red Bull TV app on Android, iOS, Windows phone and Kindle Fire; through Apple TV, Now TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TVs and Xbox 360. Selected performances will also be available on demand for a short period after the streams.

  • Bestival teams up with Goldsmiths!

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    We’re very excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Goldsmiths, University of London to host a unique public celebration of music, arts and culture.

    Bestival at Goldsmiths will bring the excitement of one of the world’s best festivals to the university’s New Cross campus – and will feature a series of talks, music from established stars and the most exciting up-and-coming acts and delicious street food.

    The day will also celebrate Goldsmiths’ rich cultural heritage as well as showcasing the new creatives emerging from the university. Final-year music students will be playing throughout the day and visitors will also be able to take in a range of Degree Shows which are running across campus.

    It will also be a family affair for Bestival founders Josie and Rob da Bank – who are Goldsmiths graduates and were made Honorary Fellows of the university earlier this year.

    Bestival Curator Rob da Bank says: “What a fantastic collaboration for us! Josie and I met at Goldsmiths when we were young and reckless 18-year-olds and had an amazing four years there together hatching many of the creative plans and madcap ideas that have forged our careers in party-starting and mass gathering creations. We’re very proud to come back a few years later with some of our musical mates and some inspiring talks and performance. I hope you can join us.”

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    Patrick Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths, University of London said: “Goldsmiths’ alumni are the jewels in our crown – and Josie and Rob are real diamonds. They have bottled the lightning that is Goldsmiths, mixing creativity, dynamism and an entrepreneurial spirit to create something which engages with and entertains tens of thousands of people every year.

    “Bestival at Goldsmiths is going to be a family affair thanks to the fantastic line-up, and a brilliant showcase of our past, present and future achievements. 

    “We want to welcome one and all to campus to soak up the spirit and atmosphere of which we’re so proud.”

    On the evening of Friday 17th June, Goldsmiths’ campus will become a festive wonderland of colour and sound. The university’s Great Hall will become the focus for the first half of the evening, with music from hotly-tipped Nocturne, hand-picked from Goldsmiths’ own final-year music festival PureGold, kicking off the party. Goldsmiths Popular Music graduate Rosie Lowe will add a slice of her acclaimed androgynous soul, before multiple Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet takes to the stage to headline the Great Hall action with his idiosyncratic flow.

    The second half of the evening will see the party decamp to The Stretch in Goldsmiths Students’ Union where the Bestival and Goldsmith teams will fire up the sound system and head for the dancefloor for a late night bacchanalian adventure. With sets from Wired Radio DJs – from the university’s own radio station – and Goldsmiths alumni Goldierocks and Rob da Bank, the landmark event will be brought to a triumphant close by a special guest to be announced very soon.

    During Friday daytime Bestival at Goldsmiths will see a free celebration of art, culture and performance. Bestival institution, the Bollywood Cocktail Bar will add a helping of the festival’s escapist spirit where you can relax as a series of DJs programmed by Sunday Best and PureGold.

    Transformed by Goldsmiths Fellow and Bestival co-founder Josie da Bank, the campus will radiate the unique magic that has become her trademark and defined Bestival’s aesthetic. Expect luxurious daybeds, striking festoon, stunning flags and eye-catching attention to detail. There will be music on the PureGold stage, programmed by Goldsmiths’ Director of Popular Music, Simon Deacon, while an array of street food vendors from Bestival’s food lovers’ haven, The Feast Collective, will serve up intoxicating flavours from around the world.

    Chaired by some of Goldsmiths most eminent alumni and academics, a thought-provoking programme of lectures and talks and will run throughout the day. Collaborating with Goldsmiths’ onsite cinema Curzon Goldsmiths, there will be themed screenings to echo the event. Current students will also be curating spaces across campus.

    For more information, please head to:

  • Declaring today Chuckle Brothers Day!

    • Chuckles

    In celebration of their appearance at Bestival, we officially declare Thursday 5th of May Chuckle Brothers’ Day!

    Rob da Bank says: “I’m not sure if there’s an emoji for ‘wetting yourself laughing’ yet but we need one for the Chuckle Brothers. I booked them as a bit of a laugh last year but they drew one of the biggest crowds of the weekend and had to do about 1000 selfies afterwards for some rabid fans. I’m still not sure I understand it all but i do love ‘em, and had to get them for all of our shows this year!”

    Paul Chuckle says: “Thanks for this great tribute but I have to say our time at Bestival last September was one of the best days we’ve ever had. We’ve done and appeared in many things including the Children’s Royal Variety show, but can honestly say this matched anything. The day was amazing and we can’t wait to do it all again this year. Great crowd, great guys to work with all round, and memories that will last for ever. See you all soon.

    “PS. Can’t wait”.

    • Chuckle_(3)

    One of the country’s best loved double acts, that launched the catchphrases “to me, to you” and “oh dear, oh dear” into common parlance, The Chuckle Brothers’ influence on youth culture shouldn’t be underestimated. Their festival debut at Bestival last year provoked an utterly astonishing reaction turning their 15-minute slot into one of the highlights of any Bestival. Ever.

    And so, in celebration of their much-anticipated appearance at Bestival we declare 5th May Chuckle Brothers’ Day. Take to the streets proclaiming ‘TO ME, TO YOU’ with all your heart, and make sure you honour Chuckle Brothers’ Day with some DIY slapstick fun. Visit our Chuckle soundboard now!

  • Purple Rave is the Future at Busseys!

    • Rob_da_bank___tayo

    Following the untimely passing of one of the greatest musicians the world has ever known, Prince super-fans, Rob da Bank and Tayo, will team up for a very special Purple Rave set when Bestival presents The Future at the Bussey Building on 6th May.

    Rob da Bank says: “Well where do I start? My all-time hero and musical inspiration went and left the earth quite unexpectedly last week… Me and thousands of Prince fans around the world are still in reeling and the news doesn’t seem to have quite kicked in yet. It seems only right to want to play his music as much as possible… even more than we might normally do, so me and my good mate, and fellow Prince-ophile, Tayo is joining me on the decks bashing out the Purple One’s biggest and best tunes, and possibly some of his hidden treasures and rarities. I hope to see you there!”

    Mining their encyclopaedic knowledge of the purple one’s vast back catalogue, Rob and Tayo’s Purple Rave outings have become true events in their own right. Rocking everywhere from Glastonbury to Bestival and beyond, the pair drop a booty shaking array of sing-along anthems, fat floor fillers, the deepest cuts, amazing remixes, cheeky bootlegs, and incredible cover versions to keep the party bouncing all night. A celebration of dance, music, sex, romance, it’s guaranteed to be historic and a fitting tribute to Prince, one of the Bestival family’s biggest influences.

    • B16_the_future_bussey_flyer_insta_2

    We’re also very pleased to announce that Riton will be joining GotSome, Krywald & Farrer and Nick Gabriel, Siobhan Bell, Poté, Hipster Don’t Dance and Tasty Lopez for our Future focused Bussey’s blowout. Currently riding high on the successes of Rinse and Repeat, one of 2016s biggest club bangers, Riton has a long history of taking crowds to the highest highs, so expect nothing less than dancefloor devastation.

    Tickets are flying and you don’t want to miss this, so make sure you head here and grab yours now!

    Bestival Presents: The Future
    Bussey Building,
    133 Rye Ln,
    London SE15 4ST
    9pm Till Late
    Tickets: £10/£12 + Booking fee

  • Prince

    • Prince

    ‘Sometimes, sometimes life ain’t always the way. Springtime was always my favourite time of year… A time for lovers holding hands in the rain’

    I’m sat round a dining table in a well to do restaurant in Soho at 6pm celebrating the fact that my record label has put out a great record from a fantastic new artist. I’m up from the Isle of Wight for once at the same time as everyone… and we’ve all met up for the first time in a few months, we’ve just ordered our starters and our mate and label A&R honcho Nick, 20 something, good looking cool guy blurts out that Prince is dead … silence..

    A dozen Prince fans old and young fall silent round the table. Then the ‘no it’s a hoax’, ‘hold on someone saying its not true’, then…. His publicist has confirmed it. Prince. Is. Dead.

    Surreal words that I never even thought id hear. I run..literally..outside onto the sunlit Soho street. Everything looks very normal.

    I’m away from my wife Josie the second biggest Prince fan I know (maybe after me and Tayo and my mate Crackers). I call her, me smoking someone’s cigarette that I bum on the way out of the restaurant (I haven’t smoked since I was 19 and I’m 42), she’s in Sainsburys and with our son Merlin who I can hear saying ‘is it the man who you wanted to come to Bestival?’ quite innocently. We’d been trying for the last 12 years.

    I remember Glastonbury a couple of years ago. Me and Tayo are doing our Purple Rave Tribute which is part of our ongoing (13 years and counting tribute) and we’ve just delivered our 2 hour homage to the man. Obviously we finished with Purple Rain and just as the mass singalong started the Dj coming on after me asked which USB stick to take out and I took out the wrong one …obviously!.. total silence through the headphones but no matter as everyone is engrossed in the singalong and no-one barely noticed the fuck up. Everyone sings along to the end… standard… as they say these days.

    Back in the day by the age of 14 or 15 my entire room was covered in Prince posters and when I left home aged 18 my mum laughed how it took her weeks to take the blu tack off the ceiling… literally weeks. She’ll be sad ..but in a different way. I collected Prince albums, 7 inches, 2 inches and everything else I could about Prince..and I still do. Prince was like a boyfriend, like a girlfriend, really honestly like my best friend at times.

    So when I phoned Josie as soon as I heard, stood on a bustling Soho street, people laughing, just out of work, me wanting to shake them and say ‘do you not know Prince is dead…yes PRINCE.’

    And they keep going on their missions..

    I’m almost home now now.. nearly at my destination. I’m hating the fact that people will have moved onto other news tomorrow and I’ll still be getting to grips with this but mostly though mourning the best songwriter of the 20th century and someone who kept me going through a lot of hard times. Man, Prince is dead, Long Live The King!

    Rob da Bank