Zephyr California Kitchen

After spending time working in Los Angeles, Zephyr owner Oz became very well acquainted with the local food scene. Drawing influence from the Southern Californian ethos and style of cooking, Oz started Zephyr in 2017 and has had an unbelievable first year.

Oz’s passion for great food and his dedication to innovate has driven Zephyr to become a gourmet sandwich experience like none other. Their signature dish, the Zephyr, promises to deliver unique and unforgettable flavour combinations that will have you salivating for more!

Adopting a farm to table approach, you can be assured that any item on the menu has been sourced from the best possible supplier. In fact, they are very proud to be able to say that all the meat that they use is sourced directly from the Ginger Pig farm. This means any meat you eat from Zephyr is always from certified superior welfare, rare breed stock.

They will also be serving sumptuous bacon, egg & cheese brioche buns for breakfast each day.

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