The World's Biggest Confetti Cannon

We don’t do things by halves at Bestival. If we do a fancy-dress party, it’s going to be the biggest, if we make a disco ball it’s going to be a record breaker. So, naturally, when we decided we wanted a confetti cannon to shower us all in incandescent colour, well, you know the rest. So, welcome one an all to the World’s Biggest Confetti Cannon, getting the party started at Temple stage each day. Don’t miss its explosive joy…

  • Theport_confetti_2015

Random Acts

  • Octo_octa_02_copyright_jeff_mcmahan Octo Octa 
  • Rejjie_snow Rejjie Snow
  • The_cauldron The Cauldron
  • Lisa_mercedez_short Lisa Mercedez