The Nextmen


Cambridge is mainly known for its famous university, an inordinate amount of cyclists, a terrible football team, a river made for punting, a folk festival and being the home of Stephen Hawking, Clive James and Jeffrey Archer. It is not, one must admit, the first place one would look for producers of dancefloor-hardened beats. It is nevertheless, the city that gave birth to The Nextmen, also known as Brad Baloo and Dom Search.

You may have heard of The Nextmen. In fact, unless you’ve been captive in Guantanamo Bay for the most of the Noughties, we’d wager you’d definitely heard of them and more than likely witnessed them at one of their many festival-stopping summer performances and this summer it’s Camp Bestival’s turn to be blown away as The Nextmen take us by storm on their way to world domination.

Having already worked with the likes of Public Enemy, Blackalicious and The Pharcyde these boys know how to start a party with their brand of Reggae influenced hip-hop finery.

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