Tension Breakers

In this world of Swing dance vs Breakdance there’s always a winner and a looser. . . But that doesn’t mean they don’t love each other. Seven years ago Swing Patrol and Tension Breakers found themselves caming next to each other at a festival. An epic, high octane dance battle ensued that is still rumbling on to this day- catch them for perhaps the final show down Stacey’s TIME Friday and Caravanserai TIME Saturday with Datt Brass who wil attempt to mediate.

Swing Patrol are bringing some of London’s top troupe dancers and Savoy Cup champions. As well as internationaly competing troupes They run over 40 classes a week at venues all over London and Brighton for a community of over 1500 dancers and hold a world record for the worlds largest Charleston. Come learn your first swing steps- no partner needed.

Tension Breakes are a collective of international champion bboys and bgirls from some of the UKs leading breakin’ crews who each contribute their own individual style and flavour to spontaneous jams and battle cyphers. Catch them jamming around the festival warming up for thier two showdowns with Swing Patrol.

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Random Acts

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