Tash Sultana


“It is with deep regret that we inform you that Tash Sultana will not be able to perform at Bestival 2017.

Tash has been open about experiencing mental health problems in the past and over the last few months has been trying to deal with several issues. For the benefit of Tash’s health we are keeping Tash at home to get professional daily help. This was an incredibly difficult decision to make, but Tash’s health must come first.

Tash lives and breathes music, especially live performance in which Tash has given 100% every night over the past 18 months touring the World.

Tash wants us to pass on her sincere apologies to fans and to anyone who has been let down as this was truly a last resort after exhausting all options.

Thank you for your understanding, love and respect at this difficult time.

Meet Tash Sultana, Melbourne’s self-taught singer songwriter, beat boxing vocalist and guitar tapping loopologist.

Tash’s carefully crafted, edgy, multi-instrumental pieces featuring beat boxing, unique guitar work and percussion styled finger tapping, has left audiences around the world in awe after making a name for herself busking on the streets of Melbourne and having homemade videos go viral getting millions of views online.

Since having her hands wrapped around a guitar at the age of three, Tash quickly developed her own unique style, her vocal shining with a magical quality, she has a natural gift for melody and her virtuosic guitar playing is from another planet.

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