Sounds Familiar Music Quiz

Sounds Familiar Music Quiz is the biggest, best and most raucous music quiz in the UK! With over 100 eclectic tracks across 8 different categories per quiz, SFMQ guarantees everyone in the team is included, with the spirit that you don’t have to know the answers to have a good time, it’s the taking part that counts! Expect anything from Wham! to Whitney, Katy Perry to Tom Petty, Bruno to Bowie, Tina Turner to Tinie Tempah, while the Wheel of Forchooon can hurl out anything from ‘Gibb Us A Clue’ to ‘I’m No Fool, I Know My Old Skool….. racous fun to be had each evening with your friends!

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Random Acts

  • Disco_freaks_hq_1 Disco Freaks
  • Ben2 Ben Catley
  • John_fairhurst John Fairhurst
  • Stall_7 Amnesty International