Slow Motion


Taking the festival experience to a whole new plane, Bestival presents Slow Motion. A whole arena dedicated to reenergizing and rebalancing, from mindful running and meditation to re-centering yoga, disco dancing and restorative therapies.

Bringing all the best bits of contemporary wellbeing into the same space, Slow Motion is a realm of calm and hidden pleasure connecting the body and mind.

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We’ve got everything to fuel your body and mind:

Is camping and over-enthusiastic raving causing a few aches and pains? Do you never make the time for some self-care? Book in for a massage and indulge yourself in one of our Slow Motion Therapies with Amphora Aromatics.

Are you often a bit sluggish the morning-after-the-night-before? We’ve got just the thing to coax you out of your tent in our Witness the Fitness tent: how does a morning tantra yoga session sound? Or perhaps you’re looking to carry on the party? If so, pay a visit to the Lycra 80’s Jane Fonda party or get down with Hip Hop Yoga as we spin the decks.

Don’t want to miss out on your daily runs? Or fancy exploring the hidden areas surrounding the festival? Then book in for a Nature Run, sweat out the toxins from last night and feel virtuous and energized for the day ahead.

Have you ever tried to look at things in a different way? Or wondered what it would be like to be suspended from the trees in a cloak of silk like an emerging butterfly? Then book in for Aerial Yoga and tick both boxes!

Worried that your festival costumes might not be up to scratch? Pay a visit to our Pampervan who will have you sparkling in no time. Or perhaps you fancy a more drastic makeover? Then come along for a free haircut and take the festival vibes home with you.

Do you want to scratch beneath the glitter and see what’s underneath? Need a bit of guidance to somewhere other than the bar? Then pay a visit to lovely Lawrence for a Palm Reading, have your Astrological charts mapped out or delve in to your inner Energies for some insight.

Intrigued by crystals? Never thought of them before and wouldn’t mind seeing what the fuss is about? How about joining in a cacao ceremony and getting high on chocolate? Step in to the Cosmic Corner with Cosmic Pineapple and delve in to another world.

Has the festival raised those energy levels to astronomic levels and you need help bringing them back down? Try a gong bath and revel in those vibrations – or maybe drift off in to a peaceful snooze.

Or if it’s healthy food and drink you’re after, well, then we can offer you this too at the Rejuice bar where all drinks are made from wonky and ugly produce – all in Slow Motion!

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