Shrimpy’s aim is to make good seafood accessible and delicious! Since starting in 2013 they have spread their message far and wide focusing on Scandinavian and British flavours. They like to think that they are a starting block for people on their “Seafood journey”, by introducing them to new flavours and showing people how versatile and healthy seafood is!

All Shrimpy’s salads are made fresh every day and every burger is made to order. They really pride themselves in the art of making their burgers; especially whilst attempting to stack the shrimp to fit them all in! They like to think that they’re doing something a bit different, it’s fresh and tasty and you can’t get it anywhere else!

Shrimp Up Your Life!

Shrimpy are part of The Feast Collective at Bestival, a food lovers’ haven celebrating exceptional food innovators from across the UK.

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