The Shellac Collective Roundabout

The Shellac Collective is a like-minded group of chums who are passionate about the sounds from 78rpm records.

The collective formed in 2007 shortly after the death of John Peel (who used to play a 78 every night on his show) and play original 78rpm records from bygone times that might otherwise be forgotten.

From the decadence of the 1920’s Jazz Age, the pure glamour of the 1930’s Dance Band Era and the nostalgia of the War Years, exciting Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Jumpin’ Jive, exotic Latin and Calypso beats through to the Rock ‘n’ Roll explosion of the 1950s, the Shellac Collective are on a mission.

With access to over 120,000 78 rpm records, these sophisticate spinners of platters are ready to create an aural ambience that’ll lift your hearts, tap your feet and get you dancing.

The DJ line-up includes Greg’s Greats, The Shellac Sisters, DJ 78, Tony Tunes, Aunty Maureen, DJ Darren Harte, Flutter and Wow, DJ G G, It’s A Wind-up, Tim Hellzapoppin, and DJ Swing Maniac amongst others. But expands to include any DJ who has a passion for Shellac.

Guest DJs in the past have included Mark Lamarr, Duke Special, Count Sizzle, Natty Bo, Lewis (from Kitty, Daisy and Lewis) and many more.

The Shellac Collective have been at every Bestival since 2007 so whether you’ve never managed to get yourselves over to the Pig’s Big Ballroom or it’s your favourite haunt at the festival make sure you get down there this year because more often than not, whatever time of the day or night there’s hell of a party going on in there.

Random Acts