Once you’ve seen the lovely Pampervan, you won’t forget it; a little red retro van bringing beauty and joy to the south coast!

The Pampervan is brought to you by the lovely Laura, based in the beautiful seaside town of Bournemouth with her young family. Combining her love for beauty, event organising and all things retro, Laura set up The Pampervan as a labour of love whilst on maternity leave, and hasn’t looked back!

Despite being dinky the Pampervan packs a punch when it comes to treatments, with Laura and her team offering a plethora of ways for you to treat yourself. From facials and face masks to make your skin glow, to a whole range of nail options so that your nails are your best accessory, plus lots more that will help you to sparkle and shine.

Come visit the Pampervan at Camp Bestival and treat yourself to a bit of pampering. Enjoy classic beauty treatments with a retro twist!

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