Nicky Clinch

I will share my story of recovery from addiction and eating disorders to living my life I live today. I will talk about how I had to learn that I needed to feed myself on all levels, not just diet, but feeding my heart, mind, body and soul. I will talk about how in the industry these days there is a lot of focus on ‘getting the right food or diet’ but true nourishment comes in many many forms. We need to feed our body’s yes, but we also need to feed our hearts, minds and souls. I will talk about how learning how to listen and tune in to their own inner wisdom they will be able to hear which parts of them needs nourishment at any given time. And I will share different options of nourishment for each part. I will then finish off the talk with guiding them through a body meditation for them to tune in to their own inner wisdom and hear what they may be needing right now. Whether it be chocolate brownies (comfort) or dancing wild in the rain (Heart).

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