Nice Up! Presents - Daddy G, Star One, Kiko Bun, Seani B's BrukOut, Ghost Writerz, Riddim Punks, Red Eye Hifi, Bud, Serocee, Jamie Rodigan, Mr Benn, Shepdog, Cut La Vis, Origin One, AAA Badboy & Fat Stash

DJ Shepdog brings his forward thinking record label to Bestival for a very special takeover. With reggae at its heart, Nice Up! has encapsulated hip hop, dub, dancehall, drum & bass, dubstep and beyond, taking in the rich history of soundsytem culture and spitting it back out for modern dance floors.

As well as Shepdog himself we’ll be welcoming the talents of Massive Attack’s Daddy G, Kiko Bun, Star.One, Riddim Punks, Ghost Writerz, Serocee, Red Eye Hifi, Mr Benn, Cut La Vis, Jamie Roddigan, Origin One and AAA Badboy.

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