Nature Runs

Temporarily leave the madness of the festival behind, as we venture off-site to explore the beautiful natural surroundings of the Lulworth Estate.

Just as the name suggests, we’ll combine two elements – nature and running – to kick start those endorphins and leave you feeling energised for the day ahead.

This gentle run will concentrate on the simple pleasure of motion, our connection with the natural environment and this form of mindful attention.

These runs will be led by Personal Trainer Jane Rogers who aside from the marathons and triathlons that she’s completed is a regular at her local Parkrun. She hasn’t always loved lacing up her trainers though; at school Jane would hide in the toilets to avoid PE and it wasn’t until later that she found her passion for fitness, discovering the physical and emotional freedom of running – and the power of self-belief.

Jane is passionate about helping others take the same journey, so she founded JumpStart Food and Fitness where she works with families who live in deprived areas and young offenders in Bristol to get fit and eat well.

How to book

To guarantee yourself a spot (last year they sold out) take advantage of our online sales.

These runs will take place daily, departing from Slow Motion at 10am.

Book online HERE

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