Mitchum Bestival Ballpit

Think you and your friends are Bestival’s biggest ballers? Put it to the test at the Mitchum Bestival Ballpit and see if you can handle the heat, motion and stress. Unlock your playful side in our ballpit (with over 10,000 balls) and test yourselves in the heat of the moment to find 7 golden balls against the clock. Exclusive prizes are up for grabs for the winning team each day as well as a free Mitchum Triple Odor Defense deodorant sample to keep you protected from sweat and odour all weekend long, so you can enjoy the music to the max. Bring your game face and unlock your inner baller!

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Random Acts

  • Flying_white_dots_publicity_shot_copy Flying White Dots
  • Wookie Wookie
  • Chaka_khan Chaka Khan
  • Gl_logo-01 Water Aid