Science In The Bath - Hallucinogenics, Dark Matter, Sex, Surviving A Nuclear War (etc.)

Once a memory is made, can it be unmade? Do ducks get cold feet? What does the centre of the galaxy smell like? Why can’t whales swim upside-down? What do ants do for fun? Does soap get dirty? Where in the universe can you live the longest? Are there ants out there having fun right now, without us?

The answers to some (maybe all…) of these questions, and more, will be revealed by Matthew Shribman in two different shows on Friday and Saturday!

Prepare for an adventure of curiosity, through the science of hallucinogenics, how birds find their way in magnetic fields, how to survive a nuclear war, whether you should switch sex if you’re a shrimp, the mysteries of dark matter and what it’s like to travel close to the speed of light, these days.

Matthew has given talks for the likes of TEDx London, UN Ops, London Science Museum , has clocked up millions of views with his Science In The Bath videos on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and hosts a podcast called A Piece of String supported by John Mitchinson, co-founder of QI.

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