Loadstar thrives off such contrast. Nick, a classically trained musician with theory dutifully drilled into his cortex from the age of six, and Gavin, an engineering wunderkind who knows mixdowns like a cabbie knows London, complement each other in many ways. Of course neither of them knew this when Gavin first booked Nick for a D&B night he was running in Liverpool. Two university students with a shared love for drum & bass and a few releases to their name, they knew they had something in common… but it wasn’t for a few years until they really capitalised on the creative potential of a partnership.

The name Loadstar came about through an in-joke about a dodgy old Akai sampler and a box of old Commodore 64 games gathering dust in Gavin’s studio. The sound they launched with has a much better story, though… It was ‘Link To The Past’. One of this decade’s biggest drum & bass tunes, it sang to every shade of D&B DJ and still commands rewinds to this day. Thanks to the distinctively savage, elongated, distorted bassline Loadstar literally tore into the scene.

Random Acts

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