Le Rac Shack

Launched in 2012 to satisfy the festivals demand for Melted cheese. Le Rac Shack has been atthe forefront of the Raclette movement bringing the worlds meltiest cheese to watery mouths the length and breadth of the country. weve been to plenty of feastivals and have to say Bestival is always a highlight. We are delighted tobe returning to the feast collective, hands down the best food at the festival.

Our food all comes smothered inan avalanche of molten Alpine cheese melted straight off the wheel. we serve cheese on French fries, new potatoes and tououse sausage baguettes.

Raclette once an unknown quantity isnow a firm festival favourite. traditionally eaten after a long dayon the slopes, Raclette is the perfect meal for trudging through mud and keeping you dancing all night.

Le Rac Shack are part of The Feast Collective at Bestival, a food lovers’ haven celebrating exceptional food innovators from across the UK.

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