For Koen Van De Wardt, making music is a far greater pursuit than simply creating
something to catch someone else’s ear.

The Dutch-born, Norway-raised Van De Wardt is on the surface a happy-go-lucky 24-year-
old, and yet when he retreats to his solitary place to write music, much in the way he’s done
since first picking up the guitar at age 14, the anxiety, the negativity, the feeling that he’s
misunderstood, it all comes pouring out, with the result a collage of the supremely genteel
yet haunting vocals, sleek melodies and experimental beats and rhythms.

Random Acts

  • Day1_atmos_indiankitchen_cf-2419 Indian Kitchen
  • Dppromo-5 Dub Pistols
  • Magicgang_61_(2) The Magic Gang
  • Metrik-2017 Metrik