King Lagoon's Flying Swordfish Dance Band

EXOTIC SOUNDS AND AROMAS… The Flying Swordfish’s psychedelic Afro-Latin-music show includes costumes as well as our Aroma Wizard! *
+ A royal tropical island cruise party… racing through the multicoloured jungle in your favourite golden pants. +

The Flying Swordfish fuse African and South American rhythms and melodies to create a unique style of fresh, powerful, highly energetic and fun music. A full show co-ordinates an evolving palette of smells, lights, ‘exploding-star’ balloons and audience participation in The Battle of Silly String and the crowd surfing flamingo. An original and varied set of music will transport you to a faraway, fantastical place. The creation of aromas through burning oils and incense, pulverising fruit and boiling herbs accompanies the music to create a hypnotic and immersive spectacle.

  • King_lagoon

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