Jazz re:freshed


Jazz re:freshed is a multifaceted music arts organisation at the forefront of the UK Jazz revolution worldwide, raising the profile of, and demonstrating the breadth of expression within U.K. Jazz and Jazz influenced music and challenging the preconceptions that has kept jazz on the side lines far too long. In 2003, Jazz re:freshed created a weekly residency for musicians in the jazz world who wanted to experiment and push boundaries when few opportunities to try these experimentations out live were available. These musicians inspired a lot of the cream of today’s UK Jazz scene who have also graced the stages of Jazz re:freshed’s events. Jazz re:freshed support emerging and established artists and use our multiple platforms to communicate various aspects of the culture associated to the music to an increasingly diverse audience.

Jazz re:freshed will be presenting two up and coming bands from the UK Jazz scene.

Random Acts

  • Butchies22852 Butchies
  • 155142_468191303883_98538628883_5783042_1059131_n Billy Daniel Bunter & Raindance
  • 16910009_(1) Jimothy Lacoste
  • Chaka-demus-and-pliers Chaka Demus & Pliers (Cancelled)