It's a Wind-Up

With their collection of over 20000 78rpm shellac discs “It’s a Wind Up” AKA Matt and Annabel travel the length and breadth of the country playing their original 1930s gramophones and spreading Vintage vibes throughout the land. This weekend they bring some choice cuts from their collection to play in the Pig’s Big Record Club – so expect a heady mix of stomping and sophistacated Jazz, Rockin’ R&B, 78rpm classics and cool standards.

Matt is also the guardian of Uncle Norm’s Blues Record Box and Joins Greg from Greg’s Greats for a Sunday Lunchtime blues session – and not to be left out Annabel joins up with DJ GG on Friday at 8pm for a set of mayhem as they DJ as Bunsen Bunny and Flowerbelle as an introduction to John Otway’s live session in the club.

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