HMS Bestival


While cast adrift on tropical waves HMS Bestival, the ultimate oceanic party venue, has been commandeered by a fearless tribe of glamazonian babes on a touchy-feely mission. Now making her triumphant return from homoerotic voyages on saucy seas, you are gladly received aboard the finest gay cruise liner anywhere between here and the Costa Smeralda…

Be you sailor boy, mermaid or salty old sea dog, this is the glitter-strewn party to keep you high on the seas from noon until… well… noon

Weigh anchor!

  • The_port

Random Acts

  • Tony_tunes DJ TONY TUNES
  • The_bomo_swing_1 The Bomo Swing
  • Frozen_mole The Frozen Mole
  • Hjs Harry Jay-Steele