Gong Baths

A gong bath is a unique and beautiful experience in which you are bathed (clothes on) in the sounds and vibrations of the gongs, which lend themselves to enhanced states of well-being, relaxation, happiness and pleasure.

The experience can be cathartic as we often have many stresses in our lives which the gongs will ‘vibrate through’, generally causing a release. You may feel the gongs physically or emotionally, and you may find that they encourage an altered your state of consciousness, to something akin to day-dreaming, meditation or deep sleep.

A session will last approximately 45 minutes and you’ll make the most of that time if you can arrange to be free from all other concerns. All you should need to do is relax and let the gongs do the work!

We will be holding communal gong baths in the Witness the Fitness tent and you are also able to book private sessions directly when you arrive at the festival.

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