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Are you ready to boost your Bestival experience with Effect Doctors, who offer IV recovery drips or vitamin infusions?

Effect doctors are here to get you straight back to the party with our intravenous recovery drips.  Rehydrate and eliminate your nausea and headaches so that you’ll be back at centre stage in no time.

And why not beat that post-festival lull with a vitamin infusion putting you in prime position to face Monday morning back at work?!

We are a doctor-delivered service offering bespoke medical therapies and specialising in wellness.


At Bestival we will be offering: 

B12 Booster Shot £40 - a quick hit energy booster.

The Solution £80 - The champagne of isotonic fluids.  Replacing all your electrolytes and rehydrating you to the max. 

The Ultimate Recovery Drip £120 - Isotonic electrolyte replacement but with added extras.   We will tailor this drip to eliminate nausea and headache and add in an extra magnesium kicker to reinvigorate you.

The Vit Hit £120 – Packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids this drip replenishes your body’s essential micronutrients boosting your immunity, energy levels and making you fighting fit for your Monday morning back at work.

The Mega Drip £150 – Erase your hangover and reload your micronutrients in one hit!  Rehydrate, boost your immunity, eliminate nausea, headaches and re-energise with the ultimate cure for all your festival sins.   You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to do it ok over again!

Pre-book for any treatment now and get a 10% discount.  

How to book

To guarantee yourself a drip at a time that suits you, take advantage of our "online pre-sales":https://bestival.ticketline.co.uk/, by booking yourself an infusion in advance.

These sessions are available on the hour, every hour as follows:
Thursday 2nd August – 4pm to 7pm
Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th August – 9am to 7pm


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