Come to Eden Whispers’ bohemian tipi to learn how to make your very own dream catcher.

Eden Whispers is a project run by Elizabeth Wynn, which includes creative workshops and retreats. Though this hippie often travels, workshops are usually based in nature at her self-built little wooden house in the mountains of Andalusia, Spain.

Set in a beautiful natural paradise, Elizabeth inspires participants to reconnect with their inner creativity as well as promoting a simpler and healthier way of living.

Elizabeth says, "Learning to weave dream catchers is a form of creative therapy which allows participants to connect with their heart and dreams and create something beautiful. I want to help people escape the stresses and pressures of everyday life and introduce them to a little piece of Eden. Eden Whispers’ workshops and retreats offer that peaceful haven that inspires creativity and an inner journey to find the way back to who you really are.’’

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