Dr DJ plays various genres of music but specializes in Bollywood and Bhangra dance music and electro remixes, which has taken the music scene by storm. He loves to create unique mixes and fusion of English pop with Bhangra beats which the crowd loves.

He has played at various music festivals including Glastonbury (Croissant Neuf stage), Bestival (Bollywood stage), Festival of Light and many more. He offers the real taste of Bollywood and Bhangra music accompanied by dancers in glittery colourful costumes. People from all backgrounds love his Bollywood mixes and Bhangra tunes. He was interviewed on TV by Will Best, the music TV presenter who remarked that Dr DJ performance was amazing.

Dr DJ is passionate about uplifting and feel good tunes. He gets lost in his zone while playing and considers dance music as a great therapy. He enjoys playing in carnivals and corporate events.

Mission statement. Entertaining the crowd and loves to have a packed dance floor. Give the crowd the music they would love to dance to. Dr DJ loves playing both the opening sets or peak hours.

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