Dizzee Rascal


Bursting onto the scene at the forefront of the urban music revolution of the early 2000’s was a young man from Bow, East London by the name of Dylan Mills. Virtually no one outside the scene saw him coming and no one at all could have predicted that he would go on to change the face of urban music forever, you might know him a little better as Dizzee Rascal.

From the release of his first single, teenage pregnancy tale “I Luv U”, it was clear that the boy from Bow meant business, his lyrics identifying with and referencing the tough council estates that had been his home growing up and painting an ominous, dystopian future for us all.

By the time his debut album dropped the hype surrounding him had predictably turned into a frenzy but for once we were presented with an artist that lived up to the industry hype, and then some. “Boy in da Corner” was met with universal critical acclaim as well as a heap of love and respect from a generation of disaffected youth who finally had someone talking about the real issues that they were experiencing on a daily basis, all wrapped up in a vicious mix of hip hop and garage beats.

For the last decade Dizzee has remained at the top of his game, responsible for taking Grime into the mainstream, he’s the ultimate crossover artist, as vital to the underground as he is to the man on the street, five albums in and with a new one on the way, we’re pleased to welcome back Dizzee Rascal back to Bestival.

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