Cosmic Corner with Cosmic Pineapple

A magical place to come and connect with yourself, each other, your surroundings and the universe!

Relax and meditate to the sound of crystal singing bowls, make a dreamcatcher, learn a thing or two about crystals or just rest in a safe space.

The Cosmic Corner is a gentle space offering the first step to some spiritual shenanigans. Have you heard of cacao ceremonies and wondered if it’s just people gobbling chocolate? Or perhaps you’ve seen arty photos of crystals on Instagram and thought they’re just pretty rocks. Well, come along and find out for yourself.

Brought to you in collaboration with Cosmic Pineapple who’s driving force is one of connection: to the self, each other, the earth and everything in between. Cosmic Pineapple hope to bring insight and inspiration, to carry wisdom from the mystics, teachers, healers, elders, children, artists, animals, mother earth – for we are all teachers and students.

They want us all to be part of the change happening on earth, as “anything is possible and we all have the power to heal”.

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