Cirque Bijou


Once again we welcome the wondrous show makers Cirque Bijou to Bestival, the resident circus folk of Caravanserai, bringers of the bizarre and the brilliant.

During the day Cirque Bijou invite you to take a seat at the Circus Café, a quirky street show where audience members select the dishes that tickle their fancy from the circus menu, and after some commotion in the kitchen, receive their very own circus vignette cooked up by acrobatics, jugglers, and jokers. From small tasting-dishes to main courses, the whole family will feast their eyes.

As the night draws in, and sequins and feathers are applied, Cirque Bijou present a magnificent display of aerial artistry as acrobats fly through the air on swinging trapezes, a high wire walker takes to the sky in a daring feat of balance, fire performers dance with flames and the cabaret stage sizzles with circus.

Through the darkness you may also spot Cirque Bijou’s LED Umbrellas, bobbing and twirling along with the night parades, illuminating our festival fields and mesmerising passers by.

Cirque Bijou are Bristol based show makers, pushing the boundaries of contemporary circus, street theatre and spectacle, seeking out the new, unexpected and extraordinary. From shows for stadiums and festivals to intimate spaces, their work is always an unforgettable and exquisitely-crafted experience.

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