Butchies is a street food business that was founded by husband and wife, Garrett and Emer Fitzgerald in 2014. The intention was to create the ultimate fried chicken sandwich for London’s street food scene. The sandwiches were an instant cult-hit.

They are the busiest food trader at East London’s Broadway Market. Ever-growing queues, combined with selling out earlier and earlier each week, made them realise they were doing something special.

They have been booked to fry at prestigious events and for corporate clients including Nike, Heineken, Taste of London, The US Embassy London, Field Day and Wilderness. At the end of 2016 they were ready for a new challenge and expanded north; opening their first permanent Butchies Hatch in Camden.

Butchies are part of The Feast Collective at Bestival, a food lovers’ haven celebrating exceptional food innovators from across the UK.

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