Bramble FM

BrambleFM is a comic community radio roadshow. . Come and join Maureen Clarke (powerful legs, fast mind) and Lesley Beauchamp (bipolar, hairy stomach) as they broadcast live. Top tunes, complicated shapes thrown on the roadshow podium, and anarchic improvisations. You’ll get a chance to run your eyes over the legendary Bramble FM nailing tool during “Hammertime” (please remember you can’t touch this), experience the dread power of rastafari as we pass the Dutchie pot on the left hand side, gain some historical insight with our Palaeolithic Reenactment Society ( join in February and get a free flint), cry at the heartbreaking puppetry skills in our original WW1 drama “Warlog!” and if you haven’t had a festival jump yet we will sort you out to Bon Jovi. Plus 1000 plastic spoons to give away. FREE!

Come with open minds and clean ears. (cotton buds)

  • Bramble_rabbit

Random Acts

  • Md_professor Mad Professor
  • Murder_he_wrote_short_(2) Murder he wrote
  • Andrew_maxwell Andrew Maxwell
  • Dscf9389-1 Anna Straker