Bez's Acid House Party


Best known for his role as the freaky dancer in the Madchester band Happy Mondays, Bez is something of a British entertainment celebrity, having made his mark not only in the alternative music scene but also as a reality television star.

He was offered a place inthe Happy Mondays lineup in 1985 after he had been invited on-stage by the band during a show at the Hacienda and impressed the band members with his showmanship and enthusiastic dancing. The Happy Mondays’ second single, “Freaky Dancing” (1986), was in fact dedicated to Bez.

By the time that the band’s popularity peaked in1990 with the Top 5 hit singles “Step On” and “Kinky Afro,” Bez hadbecome a celebrity in the Madchester music scene and was fairly well known among the greater British alternative music scene.

After the Happy Mondays disbanded in 1992, Bez joined frontman Shaun Ryder in the newly formed band Black Grape. The band released two albums, It’s Great When You’re Straight… Yeah (1995) and Stupid, Stupid, Stupid (1997), and four Top Ten hit singles before Bez departed the lineup. His autobiography, Freaky Dancin’ (1998), was published soon afterward. Bez then appeared on the British reality show Celebrity Big Brother in 2005 and ended up winning the competition.

Now in2018, The Happy Mondays are still touring, Bez is a part ofthe Hacienda Classical line up and DJ’s regularly, appearing invenues and at festivals all over the world.

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