Bestival Big Beat 5K


We love a lot of things at Bestival, from amazing music, and crazy colourful late night parties to tasty food and delicious cocktails.
And we like running.

In fact, we like running so much that Rob da Bank and select members of the Bestival crew are having a Big Beat 5K run on Friday morning to help blow out the cobwebs from this year’s Bestival first night celebrations.

It’s not a race, just a care free communal canter for all abilities, for anyone who wants to join. Think of it as a music-fuelled, super-fun run through Bestival, spurred on by pumping tunes keeping the pace as you pass each stage. All getting you set for the next three days of good times!

If that sounds like your kind of thing and you want in on an entertaining trot around the Lulworth Estate with the man like da Bank and gang, head here and sign up for free and we’ll see you under starters orders.


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Random Acts

  • Robby_doing_yoga Yoga Nidra with Rob Da Bank
  • Chris_coco Chris Coco
  • Yogangster_thai_01-15_by_chelone_wolf_(high_res)-8 Yogangster with DJ Goldie
  • Django_django_hires Django Django