Set for release on August 11th via Greco-Roman, ‘Hora De Balako’ is the infectious debut single from Brazilian duo Balako. The pair – AKA Diogo Strausz and Rodrigo Peirao – aren’t about making music to fit. Their styles range from techno and house to salsa and carimbo, blending 70’s disco and funk in the process and creating something both retro sounding and current.

The word Balako derives from an 80’s Brazilian slang word which fittingly translates as – ‘a good type of mess.’ The authenticity of the tracks caused early confusion to Greco-Roman co-founder Joe Goddard who assuming the were littered with samples, quickly fell in love. "Sampling, editing, remixing and re-editing shouldn’t`t be the only way to make Brazil sound contemporary on the dancefloor” insists Strausz. “For these tracks we headed to the studio with our musician friends and created our own retro sounding edits from scratch. It just seemed obvious to us.

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