Anglo Caribbean Domino League

Drawing on their roots and long association with the Caribbean, the iconic label will be rocking the sound system vibes on Sunday at the Reggae Roots stage with two-hours of sublime reggae, while showcasing some of the country’s top domino stars who are making their way to Lulworth Castle to do battle, sitting down.

With a live PA/DJ set from Kiko Bun and sets from Island Records DJs, the Anglo Caribbean Domino League, which is 25-years-old and still going strong, will stage some eye-popping slate-cracking action featuring players whose names speak for themselves…*Genius, Billy the Kid, The Police Man, Seven-days-a-week, Little Wicked, Undertaker* and many more! With an all-star exhibition match and real rivalry between Brixton Immortals, Croydon and Clapham Eagles, the league’s strict dress code and guidelines will be adhered to by the referees and players alike. A glance right, a hand-twitch here, an eyebrow-raise there. The hypnotic sound of shuffling dominos on wooden tables, and then… BANG! Hand slamming, shouting, whistles and horns, and a good old-fashioned dance. Who knew dominoes could be so noisy?!

Don’t miss a truly explosive cultural spectacle at Reggae Roots on Sunday.

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