Amani & Captain Future

Hold on to your your hats, Amani & Captain Future are taking a little holiday from their main 10 piece shakedown Gospel project, The Future Shape Of Sound, to bring you a red hot rhythm and blues repertoire of 20’s and 30’s dirty ditties found from ‘below the belt’ of the deep south and ‘round the back’ of Tin Pan Alley – packed with saucy double-entendres that will raise eyebrows (amongst other things)!

Amani, a super-vixen of a songstress, royally takes the baton from ‘queens of the dirty blues’ such as Lucille Bogan, Bessie Smith and Julia Lee, delivering filthy innuendo with the sultriest soulfulness, while Captain Future (record producer at Space Eko East, musical home of Son Of Dave, Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, The Urban Voodoo Machine and many others) comes up with some of the sexiest, roughest, toughest slide guitar licks that’ll leave you wetter than the Mississippi Delta.

Listen out for some racy numbers that will leave you hot under the collar. Whether you ride ‘Rocket 69’ or feel the bluesy thrill of ‘Long John’s drill’, whatever you do, in the words of Julia Lee “please don’t come too soon”.

You may squirm in your seat blushing at first, by the end of the set this killer musical combination is guaranteed to leave you howling for more!

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