Think of Belgium and you automatically think of quaint towns and a worldwide reputation for producing the best beer and chocolate money can buy. Well think again, think the world’s most creative DJ tag team in the form of brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, better known as the show stopping 2manydjs.

Starting with their Hang the DJ show on Belgian national radio way back in 1999, the brothers practically invented the mash-up with their DJ sets not so much defying genre, as grabbing it by the throat and gleefully teaching it the error of its ways.

Their series of ‘As Heard on Radio Soulwax’ albums are still the most celebrated mix albums ever made and defined the mash-up movement, masterfully melding 10cc with Destiny’s Child, Salt-N-Pepa with The Stooges and The Clash with Basement Jaxx and rewriting the DJ rule book overnight. After touring the world playing every club and festival worth its salt 2manydjs have gone on to become global sensations and here at Bestival HQ we’re more than a little excited to be welcoming back our favourite DJs for a set that promises to be a defining moment of the weekend.

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