The Green Team

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Bestival is a place to let yourself go, learn, explore, party having a good time! But it’s also a place that you eat, sleep, hang out and truly call our festival home for 4 days. So recognising this, we want our campsites (or your 4-day home) to be as relaxed, comfortable and clean as possible. It’s a collaborative effort and everyone has their part to play!

Living and breathing this mission at Bestival is our wonderful Green Team!

We’re looking for the most passionate, enthusiastic and friendly volunteers to help us make our campsites a wonderful community by encouraging everyone to be wonderful to each other and Keep Bestival Tidy! The Green Team are at forefront of making Bestival a special place to be and are an intrinsic part of the Bestival Family. So we’ve only got a limited amount of places in this elite group.

You don’t have to know tons of statistics – just a drive to get stuck in moving around our campsites interacting with the public, encouraging recycling and spreading Bestival love. The Green Team is about being fun and not taking yourself too serious – we can have a positive impact on the environment and have a laugh at the same time! And as it’s Bestival, a bit of fancy dress will always help your case ;)

In return, you’ll get a free ticket to Bestival and lots of extra benefits, as well as the chance to have a real impact on the festival.


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