Party Safe

We want Bestival to be as safe as possible for everyone who joins us at The Lulworth Estate. We not only want it to be The Most Colourful Show On Earth, but also the Friendliest Show, with the greatest people, too.

The Bestival vibe is all about the love, so we all need to look after each other. We want everyone to make sure they know where their friends are and make meet-up plans if anyone from your crew gets lost. If you’re worried about anyone, come and talk to us.

Let’s start a pay-it-forward ethic at Bestival too, spreading good times and happy vibes all round.

If you spot someone who looks like they’re in trouble, please don’t hesitate, let a member of security or a steward know, so we can help them. The whole Bestival team is very approachable, we won’t judge you, if you, your friends or someone you spot needs help, tell us and we’ll assist it. Our job as a festival is to give you all the best and the safest possible experience and we want that to be the case for every single person.

Please be wonderful to each other – Bestival is all about exploring yourself, your senses and having fun with your fellow festivalgoers in a safe environment.

Look after each other and be safe.

Useful Links

For updates from Dorset Police about Bestival and tips on looking after yourself and others, follow @BestivalPolice

For general festival advice on a range of subjects, check out Festival Safe


Bestival has a 3 P’s policy to drugs:
Drugs, including Nos, legal highs and psychoactive substances are illegal, so we work to prevent them from entering Bestival. Working with Dorset Police and our security teams, we conduct robust searches on entry to the festival with drug detection dogs used to screen all customers.

We will pursue anyone suspected to be dealing or supplying drugs using the full force of our security team and the support of Dorset Police who will have both uniformed and plain clothed officers on site. Supply of drugs in a serious offence and will result in ejection from the festival, arrest, a criminal record and a possible prison sentence.

Alongside our policing, security and awareness measures, we acknowledge that drugs can still unfortunately get into the festival and may be experimented with, sometimes to dangerous levels.

So from 2018, Bestival will be working with The Loop to offer free Drug Testing for any festivalgoers, including one-to-one drug awareness and consultation sessions. We want to reduce as much drug-related harm as possible and believe the more we can inform our audience about the harmful substances they have, the more we can protect them!

We’ll also be working with our welfare provider, Chill Welfare, who will roam through our campsites chatting to our wonderful audience to provide safety advice and support, with your best interest in mind. Free water taps are also readily available across the festival site in both the campistes and the arenas.

Amnesty Bins & Sniffer Dogs
There are drug amnesty bins at the approach to the entrance to the festival on all gates. These are there for you to dispose any illegal drugs you may have on you and are located before the sniffer dogs before passing through the drug detection process. If you deposit items into the amnesty bins, you will not be spoken to regarding their use and will be let into the festival.

Sniffer dogs will be in attendance at all entrances to the festival. These dogs are highly experienced to detect drugs. Upon entry, you will be required to pass a drugs detection dog. The dogs are very friendly so please don’t be scared of them – your co-operation allows us to make the entry process quicker and smoother.

If a drugs dog indicates a presence of drugs on your person or within your bags, please assist us by fully co-operating with all search procedures that follow. If drugs are found, you won’t be allowed into the festival and may be prosecuted by the police.



Bestival is on the whole a very peaceful event, but like everywhere, some crime does unfortunately occur. The most common crime is theft – this can be from about your person or from tents. To minimise this, our security staff and stewards patrol the site and CCTV cameras are in operation – both on and off site – for crime prevention purposes.

You can help keep your property safe, by doing the following;
- Only bring items with you that you really need and store your valuables in the lockers provided by Charge & Store, located within the Campsites

- If driving, leave your glove compartment open and empty to show you’ve not left valuables in your car

- Minimise the amount of cash you bring to site and keep on you – there are cash machines available around the site and all of our main bars and some traders accept card payments.

- Keep cash and possessions on you. Don’t keep all your money, bank cards and valuables together – keep them in different pockets.

- Don’t leave a backpack, handbag or roadman bag unattended

- Before going to sleep, place valuables in a bag and hide it in your sleeping bag with you

- Camp near friends. Introduce yourself to people in the neighbouring tents to build a community feeling and provide greater security around your tent. And maybe you’ll make some new friends for life!

- Mark your property. Label your belongings, including your tent, with your name and contact number. Thieves are after unidentifiable property. Make sure the markings are obvious and indelible. Before the event, register property such as mobile phones and cameras for free at This will help the police to return stolen items to their rightful owner.

- Protect your mobile phone. You can do this now by doing the following: on your mobile phone type key in *#06# and your unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number will be displayed. Make a note of this number so that if your phone is lost or stolen you can contact your service provider to have the phone immobilised. While on site keep your phone in a buttoned or zipped pocket, a secure bag, or use a lanyard to keep it secured to your clothing.

- Report crime at the time. There will be police officers, security staff and stewards on site. Alternatively, call Dorset Police on 101. Only dial 999 if life is in danger or a crime is in progress.


- Arranging a meeting point with your friends in case you get split up. The signal at the Lulworth Estate can be a little unreliable, and calls may get missed due to noise levels. Arrange a meeting point for different areas you are in, so you can all reunite quickly and easily.

- If at any point you feel a little wobbly or unwell, please approach a member of security or a steward and let them know. Any steward or member of our security staff will be able to help you, or assist with getting someone to help you in a non-judgemental way.

- Stay with friends and don’t go off with someone you don’t know alone. Always let your friends know where you are and don’t leave anyone on their own.

- Avoid dark areas – stick to main walkways as much as possible as these have extra lighting along them.

- Don’t challenge people looking through tents – report them to our festival stewards, security staff or the Police. Our staff are trained to deal with these situations and offenders will be ejected from the site.

- Report anyone you think is acting suspiciously or aggressively to stewards or security staff.

- We know you want to have a drink or two, but do consider that drinking to excess can leave you vulnerable, so please look out your friends. If you get split up from your friends and feel too lost to find them at your meeting point, please speak to a steward or one of our security staff who can help you, rather than strangers.

- There is a police station at the festival that will be open and staffed.

- If you plan to leave the festival on the Monday morning and are driving, please make sure you don’t drink late into the evening on the Sunday and get enough sleep. Similarly, if you’re getting a lift from a friend, make sure they aren’t drunk or tired when driving.


- Don’t keep all your cash and valuables in the same place: spread them around in different pockets that are zipped/buttoned.

- Wear your wristband at all times and don’t buy from any touts or third-party sellers. These are likely to be fake and will have duplicated barcodes.

- Only take the credit/debit cards you need.

- Make a note of your bank account and sort-code numbers at home, plus the number to call if they are mislaid (phone numbers for lost bank cards are also held at Info Points)

- If you want to use a handbag, consider a cross body handbag with the main part of the bag worn in front of you, and with the flap against your body, and remember to zip it up.

Tent Theft

Sadly tent thefts do occasionally occur at Bestival. Our first recommendation is to always use the on-site locker services provided by Charge & Store, but if you’re not doing this, you’ll need to store inside your tent with you whilst you sleep. Here are some handy tips;

- Keep your wallet, phone, purse, cash and anything else valuable inside your sleeping bag. This is the safest place it could possibly be inside your tent. Avoid leaving items in trousers/shorts or underneath your pillow.

- If your tent allows you to zip it up both ways, make sure you use it. If the tent has been zipped down, a thief only has to lift the zip a small way up and can easily reach inside the bottom of your tent. They can also be crouching down to remain hidden. If you have zipped UP, then a thief cannot reach inside so easily, and may have to remain standing thus more visible.

- Be inventive about where you hide your valuables when sleeping: you may not hear someone enter your tent, so the safest place is to put them in your sleeping bag with you.

- If you think you might forget where you have pitched your tent, take a photo of the area and any unusual features nearby on your mobile so you can see what looks familiar. Always stick with friends and travel together.

Mobile Phones
Make a note of the IMEI number for any mobile phones you own, which you can find by keying *#06# into your handset. This will enable your service provider to cancel the handset making it useless for anyone else using it if it’s stolen.

If you have a smartphone, activate the ‘find my phone’ app or similar. Make sure you keep a note of any usernames or passwords.

List a few contacts as I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) on your mobile phone, so that, in a worst case scenario, the emergency services will be able to contact your family – and it also might mean that we can reunite you with your phone. (ICE numbers should be parents and other members of the family or close friends)

If you’ve lost your phone on-site, please check lost property before reporting it to the police. Lost property is at the welfare tent.


We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual assault or harassment at our festival.

We define sexual assault as ‘any unwanted sexual act or activity’. There are many different kinds of sexual violence including but not restricted to rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Such actions and behaviour will not be tolerated at our event and suspects of such offences will be pursued and may be ejected from the festival. We will work with the police to support their investigations.

We will have a welfare team at the festival with support services available at our welfare tent.

If something happens to you, please report it to the nearest steward or security guard or head to welfare. If you don’t feel comfortable reporting at the festival that is completely fine, you can call us on 020 3327 4810 (Monday to Friday: 10am-5pm) or email to report when you get home.

Alternative you can contact the National Rape Crisis helpline on 0808 802 9999 (open between 12 noon – 2.30pm and 7 – 9.30pm every day of the year)

We take all reports incredibly seriously and will take a victim led approach to all forms of sexual assault.

UK Victim Supportline 0808 1689 111 (free)
(Weekdays 08.00-20.00; weekends 09.00-19.00)
Victim Support is here to help anyone in England and Wales affected by crime, not only victims and witnesses, but their friends, family and any other people involved. Because they’re an independent charity, you can talk to them whether or not you reported the crime to the police. If you want, they can support you without the involvement of the criminal justice system.

Victims’ Information Service 0808 168 9293 (free)
If you can’t get through to the support line during opening times, the Victims’ Information Service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week (except bank holidays), and fully trained staff can offer you information about Victim Support services and useful information about the criminal justice system.

Survivors UK 020 3598 3898 office hours
SurvivorsUK helps men who have been sexually violated and raises awareness of their needs. Anyone affected by male sexual violation is appropriately supported.

Note: Sexual violation includes both childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual assault/rape.